Image gadget 00000000b79310a5 barbedwire.fd1d7e22

Barbed Wire

Razor wire that slows down attackers.

Image gadget 00000000b79310a0 deployableshield.6c9ade15

Deployable Shield

Deployable crouch-height cover that blocks all weapon damage.

Image gadget 00000000b79310a4 nitrocell.dabcc19d

Nitro Cell

Remote detonation C4 explosive.

Image gadget 00000000b79310a1 fraggrenade.91bf4d05

Frag Grenade

Fragmentation grenade that explodes shortly after the pin is pulled.

Image gadget 00000000b79310a3 breachcharge.6be63421

Breach Charge

Deployable charge capable of blowing up walls, floors and barricades.

Image gadget 00000000b793109f stungrenade.cacd4f46

Stun Grenade

Delivers a non-lethal explosion that blinds nearby people.

Image gadget 00000000b79310a7 smokegrenade.d7d53775

Smoke Grenade

Grenade that emits smoke which obscures vision.